TM Dessert Works

Individual Desserts

Fruit Cobbler

Photo of Fruit Cobbler

$6.75 each

A 4" dessert with a fruit filling and a crumb topping.

Chocolate Tart

Photo of Chocolate Tart

$6.75 each

A chocolate filled tart, topped with chocolate shavings.


Photo of Cheesecake

$6.75 each

Selection varies so please ask.

Coconut Cream Tart

Photo of Coconut Cream Tart

$6.75 each

Custard filling topped with white chocolate mousse and toasted coconut.

Lava Cake

Photo of Lave Cake

$6.75 each

Dense chocolate cake filled with a truffle center.

Selection of Cakes

Photo of Selection of Cakes

$6.75 each

A variety of cakes made in invividual 2" molds.

Chocolate Tower

Photo of Chocolate Tower

$6.75 each

Pure chocolate goodness layered on top of a chocolate cookie