TM Dessert Works

Mini Pastries

Cream Puffs / Chocolate Eclairs

Photo of Cream Puffs / Chocolate Eclairs

$2.25 each

Filled with white or dark chocolate mousse.

Creme / Brulee

Photo of Creme / Brulee

$2.25 each

A mini version of the classic with a cookie bottom.

Mini Tartlets

Photo of Mini Tartlets

$2.25 each

Fresh Fruit, Cheesecake, Lemon, Coconut.

Chocolate Decadence Bites

Photo of Chocolate Decadence Bites

$2.25 each

Mini chocolate decadence covered in a chocolate ganache.

Dipped Strawberries

Photo of Dipped Strawberries

$2.25 each

Dipped in white or dark chocolate.

Mini Chocolate Tower

Photo of Mini Chocolate Tower

$2.25 each

A small tower of chocolate on a pastry crust.

Chocolate Mousse Cups

Photo of Chocolate Mousse Cups

$2.25 each

Filled with white chocolate mousse and decorated with chocolate.