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Wedding Cakes.....Sadly this service is on hold due to the time commitment

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Price varies per selection

Cakes are wrapped with white or dark chocolate and decorated with chocolate petals and finished with fresh flowers. (To help reduce your cost per person, we also offer sheet cakes to help supplement your cake order.)

Placing Your Order

  • Call to schedule an appointment and we’ll personally guide you through the process of choosing the cake just right for your wedding.
  • Our wedding cake portfolio includes color photographs of our designs and an overview of our ordering system.
  • Because we are committed to giving each wedding cake our undivided care and attention, we must limit the number of orders we take during any given time period. We ask that you order well in advance of your wedding date.

Designs and Finishes

  • You’ll find we’ve dedicated as much care to the appearance of our wedding cakes as we have to the ingredients. The number and size of the tiers is optional.
  • We’ll carefully arrange bouquets of fresh flowers to adorn the tiers for a colorful and unique presentation.
  • Cakes are wrapped with white or dark chocolate and decorated with chocolate petals and fresh flowers.

Additional Services

  • Flowers will be additional through your florist or through our florist.
  • Delivery and Set-Up-Pricing will vary depending upon location.

Cutting Suggestions

Illustration of Cake Cutting Instructions

After bride and groom cut from second tier from bottom and pictures have been taken, separate tiers and set all but bottom tier aside. Cut a ring 2” from outside edge of bottom tier. Slice servings 1/2” wide to obtain a cake slice 1/2” wide x 2” deep. Proceed to next ring.