TM Dessert Works

Mini Pastries

Photo of Mini Pastries

$2.25 each

The perfect fit for a casual event to a more formal occasion. Whether you select one or a variety they will make for a pleasurable addition to your party. We have a minimum of 6 per flavor when ordering

Petit Fours

Photo of Petit Fours

$3.25 each

A nice way to provide a selection of different taste without having to commit to a full dessert. Decorated individually to add elegance to your dessert offerings. We do have a minimum of 6 per flavor when ordering


Photo of Truffles

$2.50 each

We use some of the finest chocolate to hand craft these bite size pieces. The flavors are simple but we like to change things from time to time so please ask for the current offerings.

Individual Desserts

Photo of Individual Desserts

$6.75 each

These work great for single serving or buy a selection for sharing when it’s too hard to make a decision on just one.


Photo of Desserts

Specialty Desserts

The more formal of desserts. Decorated with the chocolate designs that we have become known for. The cakes can be personalized to fit your special occasion or just decorated to provide the elegance your event demands.

Sheet Cakes

Photo of Sheet Cake

Flavors can be found in Specialty Desserts

When your party requires more we can provide desserts to accommodate the larger number of guest. Decorated using the same style and finished with fresh flowers to make your event special.


Photo of Cookies

Minimum order: 1 dozen per variety

To provide that extra touch we offer a great selection of mouth watering tea cookies, large cookies and bar cookies. They are an excellent addition to any event.